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Mosgortrans celebrates its 65th anniversary

Mosgortrans is the main surface public transport operator in Russia which serves about 700 bus routes. Up to 3 million passengers use them every day.

Мосгортранс — основной в столице и крупнейший в России оператор наземного городского транспорта: предприятие обслуживает около 700 маршрутов, которыми в будни ежедневно пользуются до 3 млн пассажиров. 

Today Mosgortrans employs 25 thousand employees, nearly 14 thousand of them are drivers. The company's fleet includes 7 thousand modern buses and electric buses.

«Surface public transport is one of the most important connecting elements of Moscow. Mosgortrans has been helping to reduce distances in the metropolis for already 65 years. Reliability, convenience, safety — this is how we can briefly describe the work of the operator. In accordance with the instructions of the Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin the quality of passenger trips is constantly improving in Moscow thanks to the work of Mosgortrans employees. Together we make Moscow's urban transport the best in the world, » — said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

One of the main Mosgortrans achievements has become the launch of electric buses. They replaced trolleybuses and buses in 2018. Replacing one diesel bus with an electric bus reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 60 tons per year. In addition, Moscow electric buses are characterized by manoeuvrability, quiet and smooth running. Today more than 1100 electric buses operate in city. All of them are made in Russia and serviced under life cycle contracts, thus the manufacturer bears full responsibility for the technical serviceability of the machines for 15 years.

Besides, Mosgortrans installs ultra-fast charging stations to charge electric buses. They are located on the territory of electric bus depots, final stops and along the routes. They can also be used at extreme temperatures for Moscow — from - 40 to + 40 degrees Celsius. Today there are more than 240 charging stations in the city. By the end of 2024 nearly 380 more charges will appear in the city.

Mosgortrans owes two biggest electric bus depots in Europe. Krasnaya Pakhra is the first electric bus depot in Russia and the largest in Europe. It covers an area of more than 10 hectares and is able to accommodate 450 electric buses. In July Moscow opened the second electric bus depot in Mitino district: it is designed for 300 electric buses. Thanks to the Krasnaya Pakhra and Mitino depots it has become possible to increase the number of electric buses on the bus routes and improve transport accessibility between the districts of the. A third electric bus fleet is also being built in Moscow. It will be opened by the end of the year.

Mosgortrans is also modernizing the organization of passenger transportation. In October 2021, the On the Way service – the first mobility-on-demand transport service in Russia – has become available for the residents of the New Moscow. The system of the service is quite simple: the user calls the bus through the Moscow Transport application, indicates departure and destination points, and receives a message with coordinates of the nearest place of order.

From the autumn of 2021, it has also become possible to make free interchanges between different routes of electric buses, buses and trams, and from January 2022 - within the same route. At the beginning of 2022 Mosgortrans introduced the function of activating the remote top-up of the Troika card with the help of validators on surface public transport. Previously, it was necessary to go down to the subway to make the top-up of the transport card.

Moscow river terminals are also under the jurisdiction of Mosgortrans. The Northern River Terminal opened after restoration in 2020, the Southern one - in April this year. From there it is possible to go on cruises around the cities of Russia. The Terminals are not only transport hubs, but also modern public spaces. The Terminals house cafes and restaurants, exhibition spaces of the Moscow Transport Museum.

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