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Moscow increases the number of eco-friendly electric buses

Фото:  ГУП «Мосгортранс»
Фото: ГУП «Мосгортранс»

Today Moscow relies on eco-friendly transport and follows global trends in the electric vehicle market. In January, the capital's fleet of electric buses was replenished with more than 30 modern vehicles and their total number reached 1,470 units. The new Russian-made vehicles improve passenger travel comfort and reduce environmental impact.

The main advantage of electric buses in comparison with buses is environmental friendliness. Replacing one diesel bus with an electric one reduces CO2 emissions by 60.7 tons per year. The electric bus is 30% quieter than a bus and have practically no vibrations and noise while driving. This transport is convenient for passengers with disabilities: electric buses are provided with a low-floor, ramps, and accumulation areas.

«The first electric buses entered Moscow's routes in 2018. Today, 1,470 innovative vehicles run on almost 120 eco-friendly routes. To serve them, we are modernizing the existing bus fleets and expanding the charging infrastructure. Since the beginning of this year alone, almost 14 million trips have been made on all Moscow electric buses. We will continue to develop environmentally friendly urban transport to make passenger travel even more comfortable, as instructed by the Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin» — said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

Since 2022, 3 Houses for electric buses have already opened in Moscow: Krasnaya Pakhra, Mitino and Saltykovka. Together they ensure the operation of 25 eco-friendly routes. In total in the capital 9 electric bus depots serve almost 120 routes. All the electric buses produced by Russian manufacturers KAMAZ and GAZ group and serviced under life-cycle contracts. This means that the manufacturer bears full responsibility for the technical serviceability of each electric bus for 15 years of the exploitation.


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